About us

Voxus Virtual Organs is an initiative of three organ friends who know each other thanks to Hauptwerk. Since 2009 we have been working towards an ambitious goal: producing high-quality samplesets of famous church organs in order to make these organs playable at home for organists worldwide. Our home country is an organist’s country par excellence: the Netherlands. However, instruments abroad do have our attention also.

Character istics of our samplesets:

  • Recording in 48 kHz, 24 bits
  • Surround techniques (excluding the Gapinge set)
  • Multirelease (extended sample, portato, staccato)
  • Sampled tremolo (all stops are recorded separately with tremolo)
  • Photo-realistic screen layout (1280 x 1024)

Introduction of the people behind Voxus Virtual Organs:

Marien Stouten: organist and audio technician
Marien Stouten has studied organ with Ignace Michiels at the Gent Conservatory. He is organist at the “Grote of Sint-Nicolaaskerk” in Brouwershaven. Also, he works as audio technician for his own record label: Animato Music Productions. More info can be found at www.marienstouten.nl and www.animato.nu

Bert-Jan de Waard: programmer
Bert-Jan de Waard is an organ enthusiast. Following his electronics and computer science studies, he has worked with a well-known manufacturer of classical electronic organs. During his career as computer engineer he developed amongst others an USB-soundcard for acoustic measurement purposes. The knowledge and experience he gained during this period seamlessly connects to the technology used in Hauptwerk, so you can benefit from expert support. Bert-Jan is the founder and owner of Mixtuur, dealer of Hauptwerk software and supplier of all-in-one consoles and accessories.

Roland van den Berg: audio editor / lay-out designer
Roland van den Berg is organ and piano tuner. He knows Hauptwerk inside-out and uses it to compose his own organ music. He is the audio editor and lay-out designer at Voxus. Years before the existence of Hauptwerk, Bert-Jan and Roland were already sampling organs. The technology at that time however did not allow the ultimate realism as offered today by Hauptwerk, which itself is an outcome from many perspectives. Roland also maintains our Youtube-channel, where he will frequently post demos of our samplesets.